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Residence permit in Ukraine

Residence permit in Ukraine

The temporary residence permit

Timing and cost of obtaining a residence permit
Term of registration of residence 5 — 15 p. days.
Price for a residence permit $ 350

foreigner issued to an alien on the basis of:

- A work permit, students of universities,
- The family (wife, husband, children on the basis of a work permit form the center of employment).
- ID cards,
- To work in a religious organization,
- For foreigners to issue marriage in Ukraine.

List of documents for obtaining a residence permit

1.Application standard pattern
2.Letter of commitment
3.Paper criminal record foreigner
4.Copy the first page of the passport with an official translation
5.Copy work permit (notarized)
6.4 Color photos 3,5 x4, 5 based on the matte
7.Original passport
8.Original residence permit (with extension)
9.Copy passport of the authorized representative of the host-director of the company, responsible for working with foreigners (authenticated by the signature of the passport holder, a copy of the order about the appointment of authorized person)
10.Copy order appointing the person responsible for the work of aliens (the seal of the company and signed by the director)
11.Real copy of an extract from the register of legal. individuals.
12.Insurance. 500 UAH per year
13.Check of payment services (DMS — Visa Office) in place of Rs 130.
14.Original work permit.
15.Paper from the authorized person responsible for the work of foreigners in the firm.
16.Copy page with the visa type D and the stamp of the border (except the countries of old soviet union)